3 Tips To Keep Pests Out Of Your Rented Dumpster

Posted on: 9 June 2020

Any project that has the potential to create a lot of trash can be made easier with a dumpster rental. Caring for the dumpster while it is in your possession is important, and one of your main objectives should be to keep pests out of the dumpster while it's on your property.

Pests have the potential to damage the dumpster and carry disease into your home. There are a few simple things you can do to protect your dumpster and keep pests away the next time you take advantage of a dumpster rental service.

1. Keep the Dumpster on Concrete

Where you place your rented dumpster can have a direct impact on the level of pest activity you experience throughout the rental period. You should clear a spot in your driveway so that the dumpster can be placed directly on the concrete or asphalt.

Rodents and insects are less likely to start nesting underneath the dumpster if it sits on a hard surface. Avoid putting the dumpster on any grass or shrubs where pests might already be present, and you should be able to keep the dumpster pest-free during your rental period.

2. Don't Throw Food in the Dumpster

Another simple way to keep pests out of your rented dumpster is to avoid placing any food or drink in the dumpster. Food odors have the potential to attract a number of pests to your property.

You may have to battle raccoons that find their way into the dumpster and create a large mess looking for food. You could attract bears if you live in a remote area, placing your family and pets in danger.

All food waste should be placed in a separate receptacle so that your rented dumpster doesn't become a dine-in destination for pests in your area.

3. Use a Pest Repellent

Pest repellents can be used in conjunction with other tactics to help eliminate pest activity near your rented dumpster.

You can try diluting some ammonia in water and spraying the solution around the base and lid of the dumpster. The strong odor of the ammonia will mask any odors coming from the dumpster itself, making pests less likely to seek out the dumpster as a source of food or shelter.

If you have a lot of squirrels or skunks in your area, you can purchase some coyote urine from your local outdoor superstore. Coyote urine can be placed around the dumpster to make squirrels and skunks believe there is a predator nearby.

For more tips, reach out to a dumpster rental service.