Contaminated Site Remediation In Construction: What To Expect Throughout The Process

Posted on: 20 February 2018

Even though society is constantly evolving and construction is just a typical part of that process, it must be ensured that the environment and the natural resources humans depend on are not damaged in the process. In the construction business, you are probably already quite familiar with some of the guidelines set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency and even how to spot signs that there is an environmental threat taking place in your business operation. However, one thing that many construction professionals are not familiar with the is site remediation process that occurs if environmental professionals have to be called in for assistance with a potential threat. 

Expect work to be stalled until the remediation is complete. 

In order to properly tackle a contaminated site, it will usually be necessary for all work to cease until the remediation experts are done. Not only will they have to have room to work with their machinery and equipment, ongoing work can further exacerbate the problems. For example, if remediation experts have to be called in because a chemical spill is affecting groundwater supplies, the ongoing work in the area could further push the chemicals into the ground. 

Expect the remediation experts to ask a lot of questions. 

Before the remediation process gets underway, the professionals involved will spend a lot of time consulting with you or the project managers at the site. There will be a lot of information the remediation professionals will need to know, such as:

  • When the contamination started
  • What the exact composition of the contaminating material is
  • How much of the contaminating material you suspect has been introduced

Make sure you are patient throughout the consultations and offer any information you have about the situation. The more in-depth your answers are, the better the experts can determine the proper means of remediating the issues at hand. 

Expect further analysis of the site after remediation is over. 

Once the remediation is complete at the construction site and work resumes, you should not expect everything to go completely back to normal. In fact, the site remediation will be an ongoing process most of the time just to be certain no further problems come about while work is still underway. You will probably still see testing and analyzing performed on a regular basis, environmental experts on site, and other remediation processes taking place until you are completely done working in the area. 

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